Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

Tommi Waydelich

Founder of
~The Divine Comedy~
Photographer and Graphics Artist
Official photographer for Playmates Magazine

Photographer for BoyToy Magazine
BoyToy #110
I am in Second Life since March 2007.
Always loved to explore interesting sims and did somesnapshots of it.
I like to meet new people, talk and work with them together or just have some great fun.
In September 2010 I started to work as a professional photographer.
At the beginning i did simple snapshots and edited them. With time claims are getting greater and I began to work with GIMP (GNU Image Manipulating Program)  to work out my images much better.
I specialized in combining SL-avatars with RL- backgrounds. I wanted to create pictures which look as realistic as possible.
This decision led me also to the so-called morphs, another specialization of me.
In July 2011 Tazzy Jenkins, the owner and editor of Playmates Magazine asked me for joining her staff to do the centerfold-pictures for her magazine.
I do all kind of photos:
  • Profilepictures (with name included)
  • Portraits
  • Morphs
  • pure SL-photos with all kind of features SL is offering (Lights and Shadows, Windlight and Depth of Field)
  • Pile-ups (SL-model in RL-background for excample)
  • Romantic couple-photos
  • Erotics and nudes
  • Porn
  • Landscapes
  • Still live object photography
  • Cards for special events like Xmas-cards.
  • Graphics for boards and/or advertising-images
  • Logos for clubs, music-events and shops
Everything can be done


For more informations see  ~ THE DIVINE COMEDY ~

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